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Academic Info


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High School
Eldorado High School

Academic Accomplishments

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Athletic History

High School History
  • 2023 Varsity Team
    Starter   State 2nd Place
  • 2023 Varsity Team Detailed Information

    Team Awards

    State 2nd Place

    No stats available.
  • 2022 Varsity Team
  • 2022 Varsity Team Detailed Information

    No stats available.
  • 2021 Varsity Team
  • 2021 Varsity Team Detailed Information

    No stats available.

Aiden J. Estes's Key Stats History

  • 40 Yard Dash
    4.4 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle
    4.297 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024
  • Bench Press
    185 Current
  • Squat
    315 Current
  • Vertical
    29.3 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024
  • 3 Cone Drill
    7.813 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024
  • Broad Jump
    97 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024

Personal Statement

My name is Aiden and I am 16 years old. As a student athlete, my goal is to play college football at a high level while pursuing a degree in architecture. I believe I am a strong candidate for your team because of my dedication, work ethic, and passion for the game.

In terms of character, I pride myself on being a team player, always willing to put in the extra effort to help my teammates succeed. I lead by example, both on and off the field, and strive to be a positive influence in the locker room and the community.

Athletically, I have worked hard to develop my skills and improve my performance. I am constantly seeking ways to become a better player, whether it's through extra practice, studying film, or working with coaches to refine my technique.

Academically, I understand the importance of balancing athletics with schoolwork. I have maintained a strong GPA and am committed to excelling in the classroom as well as on the field.

What sets me apart from other recruits is my determination to succeed and my willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. I believe my combination of character, athleticism, and academics makes me a valuable addition to any team.

Coach References

  • Coach Tootle
    High School Head Coach
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Additional Sports

  • Basketball
    1 years experience
    Freshman Team

Contact Info

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