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Academic Info


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High School
Germantown High School

Academic Accomplishments

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Awards and Activities

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Athletic History

Ethan C. Neils's Key Stats History

  • 40 Yard Dash
    4.76 Current
    Verified On: 05/06/2020
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle
    4.44 Current
    Verified By: Wisconsin Badger Youth Camp
    Verified On: 06/09/2019
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • Bench Press
    275 Current
  • Squat
    425 Current
  • Vertical
    30 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • 3 Cone Drill
    7.741 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • Broad Jump
    102 Current
    Verified By: Lake Forest Football Camp
    Verified On: 06/15/2019
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019

Personal Statement

My path and love for football did not start in a traditional way.  During pee-wee flag football at age 4, I had a coach who constantly yelled at us for doing things wrong and for not fully understanding the game. As a result, I hated the thought of playing football after that season, and told my Dad that I did not want to play ever again.  As the years went by and we tossed around the ball in the backyard, my Dad continued to see my potential for the game and in 4th grade strongly encouraged me to go out for the team again. I am so glad that he did because my coaches also showed me my potential and selflessly gave of their time to foster my growth and new love for the game, often remarking of my high coachability and innate knowledge for the game, with a keen eye for the ball and ability to anticipate the play before it happens.  Despite the actions of my pee-wee coach that challenged my level of respect for those in a coaching role, I have grown to respect my coaches, shaking their hands after games and practices to thank them for their time and efforts with me, and working 110% for them and my teammates because I know that is what is expected of me. I have never looked back!

As evidenced by my GPA and academic achievements, I work hard not only on the field but in the classroom.  My goal is to continue that work ethic well into college to pursue a degree possibly in the area of business to position me well for a successful career. I constantly critique my performance in all aspects and push myself to work harder than my peers. Since the beginning of high school, I have put on more than eighty pounds, increased my bench and squat immensely, as well as decreased my 40 yard dash time by nearly a second. Additionally, I aim to play football at the highest level possible, as a dynamic player and positive influence, and will continue to work hard for my coaches, teammates, and myself to make that dream a reality.     

Coach References

  • Jake Davis
    High School Head Coach
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Contact Info

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