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Juwann Holmes Freshman Highlight Video
almost 7 years ago

Academic Info


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High School
Richwoods High School

Academic Accomplishments

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Athletic History

High School History
  • 2016 Freshman Team
    Starter  captain
  • 2016 Freshman Team Detailed Information

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    Individual Awards


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Juwann Holmes's Key Stats History

  • 40 Yard Dash
    4.7 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle
    4.4 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • Bench Press
    170 Current
  • Vertical
    28.6 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • 3 Cone Drill
    7.659 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019
  • Broad Jump
    110 Current
    Rivals Combine_Chicago STATS_2019

Personal Statement

I have been involved in football since I was five years old and participated in contact football since I was eight in JFL.  In the course of playing football I have developed the love for the game.  My father taught me that exposure to football on multiple levels will only increase my knowledge and passion for the game.  My Dad will often take me to the University of Illinois football games in order to experience the environment and game at the level I desire to play one day.  I believe I would be an excellent addition to your program because I am a hard worker. I am dedicated, motivated, and determined to be successful.  I believe it is important to be a coachable player which I am.  It doesn't matter how talented a player is if he cannot be coached he cannot be used.  Also,  I am the ultimate team player.  A selfish player can easily destroy a locker room.  I believe we win or lose as a team and there is no "i" in team.

Coach References

  • Rodney Boyer
    High School Head Coach
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Additional Sports

  • Track
    1 years experience
    Freshman Team


  • Elite training and fitness
    2 years experience
    Speed training, agility drill, core strengthen, quickness training and injury prevention.

Contact Info

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