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Athletic History

Alexander Morabito's Key Stats History

  • Vertical
    26.06 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024
  • Broad Jump
    104 Current
    Rivals Combine_LA_2024

Personal Statement

The throw data was captured by Wilson Sporting Goods. Metrics were collected through a variety of drills during the Wilson QBX camps where players threw footballs using Wilson X Connected QB tracking technology embedded in each ball. More information can be found here - https://www.wilson.com/en-us/explore/labs/connected-football-system


Elite HS/College QB Averages | Alex Morabito Data

Throw Release Time (s):  0.45 | 0.58

Throw Velocity (mph): 44 | 39.6

Throw Spin Rate (rpm): 612 | 680

Throw Spiral Efficiency (%): 80 | 68

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