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High School
East Side High School

Academic Accomplishments

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Personal Statement

I am a young man who comes from a two parent home filled with love and support.  I am strong willed when it comes to my love for football.  I am a high school freshman who pushes every day to make my self a better person and to develop my learning skills to over come my slight learning disability. I attend our County Vocational high school  but I choose to play footbal for Eastside High School being that my high school does not have a football program.  My goal is to get to and through college and  while in college I want to be a part of the football family.  I dream that one day I will make it to the NFL but I will also have my certifications in construction to start my own business.  I am not your average kid that loves football I work hard daily to perfect my craft and I push myself to achieve success on a daily basis.

Coach References

  • Damon Harrison
    High School Head Coach
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