Women's Soccer

University of California Los Angeles, CA

If NCSA had not been involved, there would have been so many schools that would have never seen me or known about me. NCSA gave me all the available options.



Women's Soccer

University of San Diego

I can't thank NCSA enough for making such a profound impact on the rest of my life through helping me find my location of higher education and athletics. It brought completely diverse locations and opportunities to the table and without it my decision may have not been attainable.




University of Virginia

Thanks for all your help in guiding me through this very important process. I couldn't have done it without NCSA and your help.

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Purdue University

NCSA has impacted one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being recruited was a dream come true and NCSA helped make the process 100 times easier than it could have been.




University of Michigan

By signing with the NCSA in the 8th grade I had a distinct advantage over my peers because I was able to better pick and choose the colleges that I wanted to attend. Over time, I was able to move from outlining my top 25 to actually speaking live with coaches at my top 10, to visiting my top 5 and entertaining several offers. Many of my peers get a single offer and take it without reaching out to their own top choices first. By signing early with the NCSA I was provided all the tools I needed for recruiting success.




Cornell University

I want to take this time to thank NCSA and especially you for guiding me through this long and sometime very frustrating process. I know I couldn't have done it without the help of NCSA's website, video and constant well written emails to coaches every week. Thank you for all your advice and recommendations. They all paid off!! It really feels GREAT !!

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