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Andrew J. Place

Elgin, SC  •   Lugoff-Elgin High School
Men's Soccer
6'0"/165 lbs
  • 5:50 Mile Time
  • Right Dominant Foot
  • 2013 Highlights
  • 4 months ago
2013 Highlights 2013 Highlights 4 months ago

Personal Statement

     Ever since I began playing soccer at the age of 6, it has been a dream to play at a college or even professional level.  I understand the time and effort needed to reach that level and attend a minimum of 3 practices a week not including my weekly visits to the local field on my own.  I currently average over 1 goal per game and use my speed and size to my advantage.  I take constructive criticism well and enjoy coaching tips, drills, or extra practices to help me improve as a player.  I am self motivated and enjoy conditioning and staying fit.  One of my fondest soccer memories is attending the 2013 region III camp in Alabama.  I wish to play Division 1 or 2 soccer and am open to any colleges regardless of their location.  As a soccer player, I can promise that I want it more than anyone else and will work my way to the top regardless of what level I start.
 I have always been a very competitive person.  I played bass clarinet in my middle school band and attended All-State my 7th grade (3rd chair) and 8th grade year (1st chair).  Aside from soccer, I kick for my high school varsity football team making 4/5 field goals in my 2013 season.  In the classroom, I am currently enrolled in all honors classes and maintain a weighted GPA of at least a 4.0.


YouTube Videos

Coach References

    • Carl Conley
    • Club Coach
    • Aron Taylor
    • High School Head Coach

High School Information

Lugoff-Elgin High School
Seasons on Varsity:
2 seasons
Varsity Starter:
2 seasons

Club Information

Seasons of Club Experience:
  • 2014 SC ODP
  • 2013 SC ODP (Attended Region III Camp)
  • Notes: 4 of 9 team goals at sub-regional tournament weekend.
  • 2013 SCUFC (Palmetto II)
  • Notes: 25 goals in 20 games, Coache's Player of the Year Award
  • 2012 SCUFC (Crescent)
  • Notes: 26 goals, Coache's Most Valuable Player

Additional Sports

  • Football
  • 3 Years
  • Varsity Team
  • Just finished first year on Varsity - kicking. 5/6 (1 blocked), 40 yds longest, 17/18 pats (1 blocked)


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High School Information

High School:
Lugoff-Elgin High School

Academic Accomplishments

Honors Classes:
Yes. Honors Algebra II, Honors World History
Registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center?
Preferred Major:

Contact Information

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Mailing Address

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Primary Position:

Key Stats

Stat/Event Result Notes
Mile Time 5:50

Season Stats

Statistic 2013 Club 2012 Club
Goals 25 26
Games Played 20

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