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Daniel Olivier

City Park Men's League (ex-college)
Metairie, LA  •   Holy Cross High School
Men's Tennis
6'0"/145 lbs
  • 4 USTA State Rank
  • 149 USTA Sectional Rank
  • 2 Tennisrecruiting Star Rating
  • 4 Tennisrecruiting State Rank
Committed To:
Rhodes College
  • January 2013
  • about 1 year ago
January 2013 January 2013 about 1 year ago

Personal Statement

There are three things that I have focused on for the past two years that I care about and could not lose. I focus on school, tennis, and my car and in that order. Without my academic career my life would be nothing. The knowledge that I have gained over the years is worth so much, and I am grateful that I was able to earn such an important key to success in life. My education is what will help me be known and make an impression on people that I meet. It will determine what I do, what I am capable of doing, and how well I am able to do whatever I choose as my profession. My education has formed my mind and has shaped me into the person that I am today. My education matters to me greatly because of the impact that it has had on my life, and all of the great results from the hard work that I have put into it. Tennis is second only because of the importance that my education has on my life, but tennis also has a great impact on my life. I have played close to six years now, and it has kept me in shape, focused, and has taught me how to persevere. I have met several unique coaches that I can rely on not only for tennis, but also for any problems that I have outside of tennis. One of my coaches told me that tennis would be more than just a sport in my life, and he has been one hundred percent correct. Tennis has helped me through hard with the many lessons that I have picked up over time. My car has been in my life for only a short period of time, but I care about it because it is the most expensive thing that has ever been mine. I feel a sense of ownership and pride to own a car, but to me it is not a car but a toy because of what it represents. The 2003 cobra svt mustang ended the war between the muscle cars, and to own a five hundred horsepower car makes me feel incredible.

Coach References

    • Marcelo Chanes
    • Private Coach
    • Alan Green
    • Private Coach

High School Information

Holy Cross High School
Seasons on Varsity:
3 seasons
  • 2012 Varsity Team
  • Individual Awards:
    1st Team All-Region
  • Team Awards:
    Regional Champs
  • 2011 Varsity Team
  • Individual Awards:
    1st Team All-Region, 2nd Team All-State, Captain and MVP award
  • 2010 Varsity Team
  • Individual Awards:
    1st Team All-Region, 2nd Team All-State, MVP Award

Club Information

Seasons of Club Experience:
  • 2012 Bissonet Country Club (U18 Spring Season)
  • Notes: USTA JR Team Tennis
  • 2012 City Park Men's League (ex-college)
  • Notes: There are four lines, 1-4, with all matches being doubles matches.


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Test Scores

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High School Information

High School:
Holy Cross High School

Academic Accomplishments

Honors Classes:
Yes. 9th grade Honors English II, Geometry 10th grade Honors English III, Algebra II, Biology I 11th grade Honors AdvM/Trg, World History, US History, Chemistry, Biology II 12th grade Psychology, Physics, Integrated Science
AP Classes:
Yes. 11th grade AP English IV 12th grade AP English V, Calculus, Government
Registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center?
Preferred Major:
Engineering, Business, Political Science, Biomedical

Contact Information

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Mailing Address

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Primary Position:
Secondary Position:

Key Stats

Stat/Event Result Notes
USTA State Rank 4
USTA Sectional Rank 149
Tennisrecruiting Star Rating 2
Tennisrecruiting State Rank 4
Tennisrecruiting Sect. Rank 88
Tennisrecruiting Nat'l Rank 793

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